Teleconsultation & medication delivery.

Welcome to our teleconsultation and medication delivery service - The seamless experience of receiving simple healthcare.

We aim to serve the unique needs by virtually connecting pharmacists, GPs and medical specialists to your customers all the way to receiving prescribed medication at their doorstep.


Unique and friendly.


It is convenient 24/7 around the clock.

Talk to a certified medical practitioner in bed or anywhere, at any time, and seamlessly receive the medicine at your doorstep within the same day.


It is reliable.

Talk to a pharmacist, GP or medical specialist for whatever circumstance that you’re in. With our carefully selected panel of certified medical practitioners, you are in good hands.


It is ready to go.

Easily integrate our service into your front-end or platform application through our API service to offer a seamless experience for your customers.


It is a time saver.

Receive medical consultation in just a few minutes. No more getting stuck in traffic and queues at the hospital.

Take a peak on our product and services.


Simply answer pre-screening questions.


Your privacy is our top priority with our encrypted and highly secured video or calls.


It is transparent. You can check a list of the medication and recommended prices before your request for delivery or pick up.


Want us to deliver medicine to your desired location? No problem. You can also pick it up on the way home if you want to.

Interested in integrating our solution to your business?