Let your customers feel at ease while we are protecting their electronic devices. We extend the warranty for your customers up to 4 years. No service fee. No spare parts fee.


Why should you use our electronics protection?

We cover various types of electronic devices. No need for your customers to pay for repair costs, spare parts, or even delivery fees!


Always stay connected to the digital world.

We offer the temporary smartphone for your customers to use while their phones are being repaired.

What are we offering?


Warranty for manufactured products.

If your electronic goods do not have a warranty from your manufacturer, Don't worry if your electronic goods do not have a warranty from the manufacturer. We can offer a warranty for you.


Extended warranty.

Warranty from your manufacturer is too short? Talk to us today. We can offer tailor made extender warranty according to your needs!


Warranty for accidents from usage.

Protect the devices from accident. Your customers don’t need to worry about their screens getting cracked or dropping their phones into the swimming pool!

To tell you more in detail.


Full protection.

Dropped phone damage, cracked screen, or even water damage, we cover.


4 Years max protection.

We can extend your warranty up to 4 years.


No hidden fee.

Your customers are free from paying for repair, spare parts or even deductible.


Free delivery.

Customers no longer have to pay for delivery when the repair is done.


High quality services.

We send devices directly to authorized manufacturers for repair.


24 hours contactable.

Our customer service will assist you 24/7 around the clock.


Pick up for repair within 4 hrs.

We will pick up devices from customers and send them to repair within 4 hours.



You can check repair status online at any time.

Easily to customize.


Customize the number of claims.

A claim per year might not be sufficient ranging from 1 times per annum to unlimited times, You can adjust it to match with your product.


Deductible can be adjusted.

We can provide options for zero deductible or with deductible for lower premium select with or without deductible to fit with your budget.


Maximize the coverage.

To add extra coverage period to be covered continuously the device up to 4 years.

Why Sunday Care?

We are trusted partners. We have repaired more than 700,000 items for our partners, and are still counting. Over 100,000 smartphones and other electronic devices that we covered in the past 2 years.

Endless possibility for your businesses with our API.

Sunday Care makes integration seamless, with an easy to integrate API and flexible service designed to ensure your businesses can easily on-board with us at no cost at all!

How it works


Interested in integrating our solution to your business?