Terms & conditions

Our mission.

Sunday Care is founded with the mission to provide a better service for health care using cutting edge technology. Every product is crafted for a better experience and seamlessly integrates into the modern lifestyle. Please read these terms carefully so that you understand them. Any reference to “Sunday Care”, “our”, “us” are references to Sunday Care co., ltd. a company limited registered in Thailand (register number 0105563076422), the registered office being at 100/25, 16th floor, Sathorn Nakorn Tower, North Sathorn, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok. Sunday Care hereby provides the services to “Client” in which could be used by the client to create a product or services for client’s customers (“client’s user”, “customer”)

A. Our services.


  1. Teleconsultation service is a service provided to Sunday Care’s client allowing the client to access Sunday Care’s panel of medical experts.

  2. By completing the agreed set of pre screening questions, Client could route client’s user to the requested medical expert. Client can connect the customer to the medical experts using the Sunday Care set of API for integration.

  3. Teleconsultation is not a diagnosis. Our panel of experts does not diagnose and prescribe medicine to our client nor client’s customer. Client is aware and accept that teleconsultation is meant to give customer consultation for education purpose.

  4. The medical experts that give consultation to the customer are the customer's primary doctor and are not meant to be a substitute of primary doctors nor creating the “doctor-patient relationship”.

  5. The service does not intend to be a substitute of getting in touch with emergency healthcare. If you are the customer facing a medical emergency (either on your or another person’s behalf), please contact an ambulance service or hospital directly.

Medication delivery.

  1. Medication delivery service is a service provided to Sunday Care’s client allowing the client to access Sunday Care’s panel of pharmacy and Sunday Care’s concierge service.

  2. The client could make use of the panel of pharmacy and let the client’s customer receive medicines using a doctor’s prescription.

  3. Customer’s consent to let Sunday Care concierge pick up and deliver the medicine must be collected by client upon request of the service.

  4. The client is responsible to gather required information including allergy, doctor’s prescription, symptom and additional info required by the pharmacy and Sunday Care guideline.

Symptom checker.

  1. Symptom Checker is an information and educational tool to help a person understand risk rates for certain conditions based on the information entered. It may provide information on factors which are known generally to help achieve a healthy lifestyle.

  2. By completing and submitting the Symptom checker questionnaire, our software provides a report based on general statistical information of certain diseases and conditions (“Report”). Neither the Report, nor other outputs from Symptom Checker, constitute medical advice, diagnosis or acts as a substitute for a doctor.

  3. Reports are produced on the basis of the information you enter only and are based on general statistical information and risk factors only. Reports are responsive to information entered, but are not personalised to you. We will not be able to provide information on risk factors which are not entered.

  4. Any decisions you make affect your health should always be made in consultation with a doctor, and decisions should not be made on the basis of our Symptom Checker service.

  5. Symptom Checker should not be used in an emergency. In the case of an emergency you should contact the emergency services and/or your doctor in the usual way.

B. Accessing our services.

  • Our services are accessed remotely using the internet, data networks and devices which can access the internet (“Infrastructure”) and operate our websites. We make our websites available for access using Infrastructure, but are not responsible for Infrastructure ourselves. If you wish to use the services, you should ensure you have an internet-enabled device and a sufficient internet connection available.

  • Technical or security threats or issues affecting the Infrastructure may require us to suspend our services in order to ensure they are secure and/or operating optimally. We will minimise these suspensions, but are not responsible to refund charges or compensate you if they occur, unless they exceed 30 days in aggregate in any 12 month period, in which event you may cancel your agreement with us.

C. Medical experts.

“Medical experts” or “medical practitioners” which Sunday Care provides are a panel of licensed pharmacists, doctors, and physicians. Sunday Care is responsible for auditing and validating the credibility and eligibility of medical experts in the panel. Any medical experts that are not eligible or the licensed is invoked shall be removed from Sunday Care panel without exception.

D. Changes to these terms.

We may need to change these terms sometimes, for example, when the rules regulating our services change, in order to ensure that our services are secure and your information is safe, or when we update or modify our services or our Charges. If we make a change to these terms that affects your rights or obligations, we will notify you.

E. Cancellation and refund policy.

Usages of service and payment are agreed by Sunday Care and Client. In case Sunday Care does not comply with agreed SLA and quality of service, Client may choose to suspend or terminate the service. The indemnity, refund or termination shall be executed according to the agreement between Sunday Care and Client.

F. Inconsistency wordings.

In the event of any ambiguity or inconsistency between the English and Thai language versions of these Conditions, the Thai-language version will control and prevail.

G. Governing law and jurisdiction.

These Conditions will be governed by the laws of Thailand and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thailand